Dereks Art

Born in Carlisle, my love of the Lake District began with a passion for rock-climbing in my teens.

    I started to paint while confined to home during an illness. Initially self-taught; but since my retirement I have attended several courses including a year at Carlisle college of Art & Design. Where I was encouraged to try different mediums and expand my subject base.
I have never cease to be amazed by mountain scenery and the light that falls  in unique patterns each day, never to be repeated on the fells and rocks.
and would like to think my paintings can convey some of that experience to others. 

      Although not as active as in my youth I am still keen to express my love of the landscape through my art. My pictures are based on sketches done on location, personal photographs and all of my special memories.




Now an active member of the Carlisle & Border Art Society and still a keen fell walker and scrambler I prefer to use watercolours, as they are the perfect medium to combine both of my interests. Although I am happy to experiment with other mediums and have been enjoying producing pastel drawings lately. My work is based on sketches produced on location and from photographs (my other hobby).




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